Congregational and United churches outside North America


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   Congregational and United churches outside the U.S.

     Church of the Brethren (Czech Republic) [Církve bratrské]

     Congregational Federation (UK)

     Congregational Federation in Wales

     Congregational Federation of Australia

     Congregational Union of Ireland [No online site]

     Dominican Evangelical Church [Iglesia Evangelica Dominicana]

     Evangelical Congregational Church in Angola [Igreja Evangélica Congregacional em Angola]

     Evangelical Congregational Churches in Bulgaria [Evangelaska Kongreschanska Zewrkwa]

     Evangelical Congregational Churches of Brazil [Igrejas Evangelicas Congregacionnais do Brasil]

     Evangelical Fellowship of Congregational Churches (UK)

     Fellowship of Congregational Churches Australia

     Hong Kong Council of the Church of Christ in China

     National Evangelical Church of Bahrain

     Protestant Church of Algeria [Eglise protestante d Algerie]

     Protestant Church of Christ the King [Eglise Protestante du Christ-Roi]

     Protestant Community of Shaba (DR Congo) [Communaute Protestante au Shaba]

     Unaffiliated Congregational Churches Charities (UK) [No online site]

     Union of Congregational Churches of Brazil [Uniao das Igrejas Evangelicas Congregacionais do Brasil]

     Union of Welsh Independents

     United Church in Jamaica and the Cayman Islands

     United Church of Christ in Mozambique [Igreja de Christo Unida em Mocambique] (Ex-Missao American Board)

     United Church of Christ in Nigeria [Habaddiyar Ekklisiyar Kristi a Nigeria]

     United Congregational Church of Southern Africa

     United Evangelical Church of Angola [Igreja Evangelica Unida de Angola]

     United Protestant Church of Belgium [Eglise Protestante Unie de Belgique]

     United Reformed Church (UK)

     Uniting Church in Australia