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Anglican (Canterbury) Communion

Church of England

Episcopal Church of the United States

Non-Canterbury churches




Anglicanism generally


Anglican (Canterbury) Communion

[Does not include churches in full communion with Canterbury which are not Anglican in denomination. See individuals entries for the Church of Bangladesh, Church of North India, Church of South India, Mar Thoma Syrian Church of India, and Philippine Independent Church in the Unclassified apostolic churches section of the Apostolic-succession independent churches page. For the Old Catholic churches, see the appropriate entries in the Catholic churches page.]

   Anglican (Canterbury) Communion

   Anglican Church in Aotearoa, New Zealand and Polynesia

   Anglican Church in Ceylon [No online site]

   Anglican Church in Korea

   Anglican Church of Australia

   Anglican Church of Canada

   Anglican Church of Hong Kong and Macao [Hong Kong Sheng Kung Hui]

   Anglican Church of Mexico [Iglesia Anglicana de México]

   Anglican Church of Papua New Guinea

   Anglican Church of the Central American Region [Iglesia Anglicana de la Region Central de America] [No official site]

   Anglican Church of the Southern Cone of America [Iglesia Anglicana del Cono Sur de America] [No official site]

   Anglican Episcopal Church of Brazil [Igreja Episcopal Anglicana do Brasil]

   Church in the Province of the West Indies

   Church in Wales [Yr Eglwys Yng Nghymru]

   Church of England

Anglican Diocese in Europe

Diocese of Oxford

   Church of Ireland

   Church of Nigeria

   Church of Pakistan [No online site]

   Church of the Province of Burundi

   Church of the Province of Central Africa

   Church of the Province of Congo [La Province de L’Eglise Anglicane Du Congo]

   Church of The Province of Kenya [Kanisa la Jimo la Kenya]

   Church of the Province of Melanesia

   Church of the Province of Myanmar

   Church of the Province of South East Asia

   Church of the Province of Southern Africa

   Church of the Province of Tanzania

   Church of the Province of the Indian Ocean

   Church of the Province of West Africa

   Church of Uganda

   Episcopal Church in Jerusalem and the Middle East [No official site]

   Episcopal Church of Cuba [Iglesia Episcopal de Cuba]

   Episcopal Church of the Province of Rwanda

   Episcopal Church of the Sudan

   Episcopal Church, USA

[For links to ECUSA dioceses, go to this page.]

ECUSA generally

Anglicans Online! - USA

Associated Parishes

Being Episcopalian -- A Primer

Book of Common Prayer Online

Episcopal Church Home Page [unofficial]

Episcopal Church General Convention


Episcopalians Online

Episcopalians Online | SongQuest

Historical Society of the Episcopal Church in the USA

   Holy Catholic Church in Japan [Nippon Sei Ko Kai]

   Lusitanian Episcopal Church [Portuguese Episcopal Church]

   Philippine Episcopal Church

   Scottish Episcopal Church

   Spanish Reformed Episcopal Church [Iglesia Española Reformada Episcopal]


Anglicanism generally

Anglican - Episcopal Links -

Anglican churches

Anglican Communion

Anglican family of churches

Anglicans Online! - USA

Christ Church Cathedral - Links Musical Links

Ecumenism and the Anglican Communion

Society of St. Willibrord: Anglican, Old Catholic - Amsterdam, North Holland

The Anglican and Old Catholic Society of St. Willibrord exists to foster closer relationships between Anglicans and Old Catholics



Inclusivist (non-Canterbury) Anglicans

   Evangelical Anglican Church in America


St. George’s Anglican Church, EACA - Tampa,FL

EACA generally

Anglican Institute for Affirmative Christian Studies

   Free Episcopal Church


Independent (non-Canterbury) Anglicans

   African Orthodox Church [No online site]


St. Philip’s African Orthodox Church (Sydney, Nova Scotia)

African Orthodox Church Archives

   Anglican Catholic Byzantine Orthodox Church

   Anglican Catholic Communion USA

   Anglican Independent Communion

   Anglican Rite Old Catholic Church

   Charismatic Episcopal Church Communion

   Charismatic Episcopal Church

   Charismatic Episcopal Church of Canada

   Christian Episcopal Church

   Church of England in South Africa

   Communion of Evangelical Episcopal Churches

   Diocese of the Holy Spirit

   Ecumenical Anglican Catholic Church

   Free Episcopal Church, The

   Holy Cross Anglican Communion

   Independent Anglican Church (Canada Synod)

   Independent Episcopal Church (Phoenix, Arizona) [No online site]

   International Free Protestant Episcopal Church

   Old Protestant Episcopal Church

   Uniate Western Catholic (Orthodox) Church [No online site]


Independent Anglican churches generally

Episcopi vagantes

From Anglican Online, Church Times, March 17, 2000



Traditionalist (non-Canterbury) Anglicans

   American Anglican Church

   Anglican Catholic Church

        Anglican Catholic Church, Original Province


Diocese of New Orleans, Anglican Catholic Church

        Church of India (Anglican) (Anglican Catholic Church, 2nd Province)

   Anglican Church, Inc.

Branches and Dioceses

The Anglican Episcopal Church in the United Kingdom

The Dioceses and Jurisdictions of the Anglican Church, Inc.

The Anglican Church, Inc - Independent Anglican Confederation.

   Anglican Churches of America and Associates [No online site]

ACAA generally

St. Paul’s Anglican Church in Los Altos, Arizona

   Anglican Episcopal Church

   Anglican Fathers of the Corpus Christi

   Anglican Independent Communion

   Anglican Mission in America

   Anglican Orthodox Church (Statesville, North Carolina)

   Anglican Province of America

   Anglican Province of Christ the King

   Anglican Rite Synod in the Americas of the PICC

   Anglican Rite Synod of America

   Apostolic Episcopal Church (Order of Corporate Reunion [Queens, NY]) [No online site]

   Apostolic Episcopal Church - Order of Corporate Reunion

   Chapel of the Cross (Dallas, Texas)

   Church of England (Continuing)

   Christian Episcopal Church of Canada

   Continuing Apostolic United States Episcopacy

   Diocese of the Blessed Sacrament

   Diocese of the Great Lakes

   Ecumenical Anglican Catholic Church

   Episcopal Missionary Church

   Episcopal Orthodox Church (Episcopal Orthodox Christian Archdiocese)

   Evangelical Anglican Church of America

   Free Church of England

   Holy Catholic Church (Anglican Rite)

   International Free Protestant Episcopal Church

   Orthodox Anglican Communion

   Protestant Evangelical Church of England

   Reformed Episcopal Church

   Southern Episcopal Church

   Traditional Anglican Communion

        Anglican Catholic Church in Australia

        Anglican Catholic Church of Canada

        Anglican Church in America


Diocese of Central America and Mexico, ACA

        Anglican Church in South Africa (Traditional Rite)

        Church of Ireland (Traditional Rite)

        Traditional Anglican Church of England

   Traditional Church of England

   Traditional Episcopal Church

   Traditional Protestant Episcopal Church

   United Anglican Church


Traditionalist Anglicans generally

Anglican splinter groups

Episcopalians United

Episcopi vagantes

From Anglican Online, Church Times, March 17, 2000

Forward in Faith

Union of Traditional Apostolic Churches