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Roman Catholic Church

Eastern-rite Catholic churches

Other Western-rite Catholic churches

Catholic-tradition independent churches (Old Catholics, Independent Catholics)

Catholic Church generally


Roman Catholic Church

   The Holy See


Eastern Rites Churches

   Alexandrian Rite Catholic Church [No online site]

   Coptic Catholic Church


Holy Family Coptic Catholic Mission - Toronto

Coptic Catholics generally

CV H.B. Stephanos Ghattas - Coptic Patriarch

History of the Coptic Catholic Patriarchate of Alexandria

   Ethiopian (Ge`ez) Catholic Church [No online site]


Kidane-Mehret Ge`ez Rite Catholic Church

Ethiopian Catholicism generally

Ethiopian (Ge`ez) Catholic Rite 1840-1979

   Antiochene (Syrian) Rite Catholic Churches

     Syrian Catholic Church


Our Lady of Deliverance Syriac Catholic Diocese

Syrian Catholics generally

His Beatitude Ignace Hayek, Syriac Patriarch of Antioch

   Syro Malankara Catholic Church

     Maronite Catholic Church


Eparchy of Our Lady of Lebanon of Los Angeles

Eparchy of Saint Maron of Brooklyn

   Armenian Catholic Church

Armenian Catholic convent in Bzommar, Lebanon

Saint Mark's Armenian Catholic Church

Armenian Catholics generally

History of the Armenian Catholic Church

The Mekhitarist Congregation, Vienna, Austria

   Chaldean Rite Catholic Churches

     Chaldean Catholic Church


Diocese of St. Thomas the Apostle in the United States

     Syro-Malabarese Catholic Church


Syro-Malabar Catholic Mission

The Knanaya Catholic home page

   Constantinopolitan (Byzantine) Rite Catholic Churches

     Albanian Catholic Church [No online site]

     Belarussian Catholic Church


Belarusian Catholic Mission in London

     Bulgarian Catholic Church


Catholic Exarchy of Bulgaria

     Czech Catholic Church

     Greek Catholic Church [No online site]


Greek Catholic Church in Corsica

     Hungarian Catholic Church [No online site]


Greek Catholic Church in Ozd

     Italo-Albanian Catholic Church [No online site]

Italo-Albanian-rite Catholicism generally

Italian Byzantine Rite Catholic Society of Our Lady of Grace

Italo Bizantino

Italy's Byzantine Catholics

     Epharchy of Lungro (Greco-Byzantine Rite)

     Krizevei (Croatian and fmr Yugo) Catholic Church [No online site]


The Krizevci Diocese

Vladika (Bishop) of Krizevci

     Melkite Greek Catholic Church [No online site]


Melkite Catholic Eparchy of Newton

Melkite Church in America

Melkite Catholicism generally

The History of Melkites

     Romanian Catholic Church [No online site]

Unofficial site of the Romanian Greek-Catholic Church

     Russian Catholic Church [No online site]


Our Lady of Fatima

St Michael Russian Catholic Church

Russian Catholic Church generally

Russian and Byzantine Slavonic Churches

     Ruthenian (Carpatho-Ruthenian) Catholic Church [No online site]


St. Basil Church

     Slovakian Catholic Church [No online site]


Exarchate of Kosice


Saint Demetrius Church, Porac, Slovakia

     Ukrainian Catholic Church


Archeparchy of Philadelphia

Eparchy of St. Josaphat

Eparchy of Stamford

Eparchy of St. Nicholas


St. Michael Ukrainian Catholic Church

Ukrainian Catholic Church generally

League of Ukrainian Catholics of America

History of the Ukrainian Catholic Church

Byzantine-rite Catholic churches generally

Byzantine Catholic Church in America

info about Byzantine Catholics

Russian and Byzantine Slavonic Churches


Eastern-rite Catholicism generally

Bibliography, history of Eastern churches

Eastern catholic resources

Eastern Rites A Family Tree

History of Georgian Byzantine Catholic Church

Introduction to the Eastern Rites of the Catholic

Structure of the Catholic Hierarchy

CNEWA – Catholic Eastern Churches


Other Western-Rite Churches

   Amrosian Rite (Archdiocese of Milan)

Amrosian rite generally

CATHOLIC ENCYCLOPEDIA: Ambrosian Liturgy and Rite

Ambrosian Rite Breviary – Resources and Links

   Anglican Use Rite [No online site]

Anglican-use rite generally

Yahoo! Groups : AnglicanUse Messages :Message 194 of 1358

Anglican Use parishes

Congregation of Saint Athanasius


   Bragan Rite (Archdiocese of Braga) [No online site]

Bragan rite generally


   Celtic Rite [No online site]

Celtic rite generally


Celtic Christianity

   Gallican Rite [No online site]

Gallacian rite generally


   Indult Rite Missal of 1962 (Tridentine Mass)

     Priestly Fraternity of Saint Peter

Indult rite generally

The Indult Tridentine Rite of Mass

   Mozarabic Rite (Archdicese of Toledo)

Mozarbic rite generally


Other Western rites generally

Catholic Rites and Churches


Catholic-tradition independent churches (Old Catholics, Independent Catholics, etc.)

[Note: many Roman Catholics may object to the concept of “independent” Catholic churches. The intent is to list here churches that split or derived from the Roman Catholic Church but which still maintain the historic apostolic succession for their bishops. A similar set of listings for independent apostolic-succession churches in the Eastern Orthodox tradition can be found on the Eastern Orthodox page, and for the Anglican tradition on the Protestant page under the Anglican heading. Other more strongly “independent” churches (Celtic tradition, Durate-Costa, etc.) that maintain apostolic succession are shown on the Apostolic-succession independent churches page. It is especially difficult to classify “dual-tradition” or “dual succession” churches, such as the Antiochian Catholic Church in America. ACCA, for example, has apostolic succession in both Old Catholic, (Matthew), Syro-Indian Orthodox (Vilatte), and Byzantine Rite Roman Catholic (Aneed) lines. Such mixed churches are generally entered in the Apostolic-succession independent churches page unless they strongly self-describe as being of one tradition or another. My method generally accords with the classification schemes used in the Total Catholic Home Page and by Fr. Tony Begonja’s, Your Complete Guide to the World of Autocephalous (“Independent-Movement”) Churches in the Apostolic Succession page. But of course taxonomy is an art, not a science, so check around on other pages if you don’t see an entry here that you feel should be.]


   Conservative Catholic stream [Generally, churches promoting use of the Traditional Rite, or differing with the Second Vatican Council]

     American Traditional Catholic Church

     League of the Catholic Counter-Reformation

     Religious Congregation of Mary Immaculate Queen

     Saint Benedict Center

     Society of St. Pius V

     Society of St. Pius X

SSPX districts

SSPX Schism What is the Society of St Pius X

SSPX generally

Society of Saint Pius X in the USA

     Society of the Virgin Mary

     Traditional Catholic Church -- Conservare et Praedicare [No online site]

     Traditional Catholics of America [No online site]

     Traditional Roman Catholic Archdiocese Church [No online site]

     Traditional Roman Catholic Church in the Americas [No online site]

     Tridentine Catholic Church - Traditional Catholic Archdiocese in America

     Tridentine Old Roman Community Catholic Church [No online site]

Conservative or Traditionalist Catholicism generally

TRADITIO Traditional Roman Catholic Internet Site

Web resources for Traditional Roman Catholics

Traditional Catholic Web-Site and Traditional Catholic E-Mail List: Articles and resources for traditional Catholics

Web resources for Traditional Roman Catholics

Traditional Roman Catholics -- The Vatican Bank

Page on Traditional Roman Catholics” from the Vatican Bank

   “Independent” Catholic stream [i.e., self-described as being largely outside of the Old Catholic tradition]

     Apostolic Johannite Church

      “Alternative Pope” churches

        Catholic Church (Pope Michael I)

        Catholic Church of the Apostles of the Latter Times

Apostles of Latter Times generally

NYCH: Culturefront Online

Searching for the Real Pope”, CultureFront magazine, Fall 1998

        Christian Heritage Catholic Church

        Church of St. Joseph [Cicero, IL]

        One, Holy, Catholic, Apostolic and Palmarian Church

        Roman Catholics of the Holy Apostolic Tradition

        True Catholic Church

     Charismatic Catholic Church, Independent Rite of America [No online site]

     Evangelical Orthodox Catholic Church of America (Non-Papal Catholic)

     Infant Jesus of Prague Catholic Church [No online site]

     Our Lady of the Roses, Mary Help of Mothers Shrine [Several groups claim ownership of movement]

        Our Lady of the Roses, Mary Help of Mothers

        Our Lady of the Roses, Mary Help of Mothers

     Patriarchal Old Roman Orthodox Catholic Church

     Servant Catholic Church [No online site]

   “Liberal” Catholic stream [Generally, churches accepting of female ordination and/or alternative sexual orientations]

     African-American Catholic Congregation (Imani Temple) [No online site]

AACC generally Denominations: African American Catholic Congregation (Imani Temple)

From the Independent Movements Website

From the Urban Grocery Website

Religious Traditions of the African Diaspora

Article by Jennifer Puma

     American Catholic Church (Spring Hill, FL)

     American Catholic Church International

ACCI generally Denominations: The American Catholic Church International

Contact info for Presiding Bishop from Independent Movements Website

     American Catholic Church in the United States

     American Catholic Church of New England

     American Catholic Community Church  

ACCC generally People: Tancibok, Alexis

Independent Movements Website page on Presiding Bishop

     Apostolic Catholic Church (Tampa, FL)

     Apostolic Catholic Church in America

     Catholic Church of the Americas

     Ecumenical Catholic Church

     Independent African-American Catholic Rite [No online site]

IAAC generally

Religious Traditions of the African Diaspora

Article by Jennifer Puma

     Independent Evangelical Catholic Church

     Liberal Catholic Church International, The

     Liberal Catholic Church, Province of the USA, The

     Old Catholic Church of B.C. & Society

     Saint Matthew's American Catholic Church

     Sarum Episcopal Church (Old Catholic)

     United Catholic Church

        United Catholic Church, Diocese of Delaware and Maryland

        United Catholic Church, Diocese of Hawaii, Samoa, and Tahiti

   Old Catholics (International Old Catholic Bishops' Conference of the Union of Utrecht)

     Catholic Diocese of the Old Catholics in Germany [Katholisches Bistum der Alt-Katholiken in Deutschland]

     Christ-Catholic Church of Switzerland [Christkatholische Kirche der Schweiz]

     Croatian Catholic Church [No online site]

     Old Catholic Church in Slovakia [No online site]

     Old Catholic Church in the Czech Republic [Starokatolická církev v České republice]

     Old Catholic Church in the Slovak Republic

     Old Catholic Church of Austria [Altkatholische Kirche Österreich]

     Old Catholic Church of the Netherlands [Oud-Katholieke Kerk van Nederland]

     Old Catholic Mission in South Tyrol [Vetero-Cattolici in Sudtirolo-Alto Adige]

     Polish Catholic Church (Kościół polskokatolicki)

     Polish National Catholic Church

Utrecht churches generally

Old Catholic Churches of the Union of Utrecht

A cheat sheet from the Anglican Communion Website

   Old Catholic stream (some with succession from Utrecht and some self-described) [Click for note.]

     American Apostolic Catholic Church

     American Catholic Christian Apostolic Church [No online site]

     American Catholic Church

     American Catholic Church—Old Catholic [No online site]

     American Old Catholic Church, The

     American Old Catholic Church, (Apostolic-Episcopal)

     American Orthodox Catholic Church (Western Rite Mission) [No online site]

AOCC (WRM) generally


Info on the Presiding Bishop from Terrence J. Boyle’s Independent Bishops Webpages

     American Old Roman Catholic Church

     Apostolic Catholic Church [Philippines]

     Apostolic Catholic Orthodox Church, The

     Apostolic Episcopal Church - American Congregation of Saint Benedict

     Apostolic Old Catholic Church [Chicago, IL] [No online site]

     Apostolic Old Catholic Church [Los Angeles, CA] [No online site]

AOCC [Los Angeles, CA] generally

Consecration of Presiding Bishop Kroneberg from Angelfire Database of Autocephalous Bishops

     Catholic Charismatic Church

     Catholic Mariavite Church [Poland] [No online site]

     Charismatic Catholic Church of Canada

     Christ Catholic Church (fmr Polish Old Catholic Church)

     Christ Catholic Church International

     Christian Catholic Church (Old Catholic) in the USA

     Christian Orthodox Catholic Church [No online site]

     Christ's Apostolic Old Catholic Church of the Americas

     Christ’s Worldwide Apostolic Catholic Church

     Community of Catholic Churches [No online site]

     Diocese of Ecumenical and Old Catholic Faith Communities

     Diocese of Rumney Marsh

     Ecumenical Catholic Church

     Ecumenical Catholic Church USA

     Ecumenical Catholic Church of Australia

     Ecumenical Catholic Diocese of the Americas

     English Catholic Church

     Holy Catholic Church

     Holy Orthodox Catholic Church

     Independent Catholic Church of America

     Independent Catholic Church of America [Bp. Patrick Cronin]

     Independent Catholic Churches

     Independent Catholic Diocese of the Order of Port Royal

     Independent Old Catholic Church of America

     Independent Old Roman Catholic Hungarian Orthodox Church Of America

     Inter-American Old Catholic Church

     Mexican National Catholic Church [No online site]

     National Catholic Church of America

     Old Catholic Anglican Rite Church, Diocese of the Western United States

     Old Catholic Church - Mathew Succession

     Old Catholic Church of America, The

     Old Catholic Church of Antioch

     Old Catholic Church of Canada

     Old Catholic Church of the United States, The

     Old Catholic Diocese of Hamilton

     Old Catholic Diocese of Oregon

     Old Catholic Mariavite Church (Kościół Starokatolicki Mariawitów)

     Old Catholic Orthodox Church

     Old Episcopal Catholic Church in the Netherlands (Oud - Episcopaal Katholieke Kerk)

     Old Holy Catholic Church, Archdiocese of Christ the King

OHCC, ACK generally

The Old Holy Catholic Church - Madison Heights,VA

Listing from Net Ministries

     Old Holy Catholic Church, Archdiocese of North America

     Old Roman Catholic Church, Diocese of Florida

     Old Roman Catholic Church in Canada (Latin-Rite)

     Old Roman Catholic Church in North America

     Old Roman Catholic Church in North America (Wexford Jurisdiction)

ORCC in NA generally

Brief History of the Old Roman Catholic Church

     Old Roman Catholic Church (English Rite) [Unofficial]


All Saints Parish, Del Mar, CA

St. Mary Magdalene Parish, Carlsbad, CA

     Ontario Old Roman Catholic Church

     Oriental Catholic Church [No online site]

     Orthodox Catholic Church of Australia (Old Catholic) [No online site]

     Orthodox Catholic Church of the Americas

     Polish Old Catholic Rite of North America

     White Robed Monks of St. Benedict,

Independent traditions of Catholicism generally

American Catholic Union Index Page

The American Catholic Union is a clericus, an association of independent (Old) Catholic priests.


Good lists of Catholic tradition churches outside jurisdiction of Rome from Terrence J. Boyle’s Website

Church of Utrecht in America

From the University of Virginia Religious Movements site

Database of Autocephalous Bishops


Ecumenical Communion of Catholic and Apostolic Churches

An ecumenical communion of independent Catholic Churches

Episcopi vagantes

From Anglican Online, Church Times, March 17, 2000

Geometry.Net - Religion: Old Catholics

Links page from Geometry.Net

Groups using the term "Catholic" not in union with Rome

From Fr J Mahoney’s Web site

Independent Catholicism

A brief history of Independent Catholicism in North America compiled and edited by the Rev. Alan R. Kemp

Independent Catholic & Orthodox Directories

A resource about the independent Catholic movement

Independent Catholic Jurisdictions

Partial listing of Independent Catholic, Orthodox, and Anglican jurisdictions The World of Autocephalous Churches

Fr. Tony Begonja’s indispensable guide to autocephalous ("Independent-Movement") churches

Old Catholics

A critical article written by a former Society of St. Pius the Tenth (SSPX) priest

Old Catholics

History of the Old Catholic Movement published in the Catskill Mountain Star in 1941

Religious Movements Homepage: The Old Catholics

From the Religious Movements Homepage at the University of Virginia

Society of St. Willibrord: Anglican, Old Catholic - Amsterdam, North Holland

The Anglican and Old Catholic Society of St. Willibrord exists to foster closer relationships between Anglicans and Old Catholics

Groupings of denominations

Evangelical Orthodox Union


Union of Traditional Apostolic Churches




Catholicism generally

Catholic Church in the Americas

Catholic Church history


David Cheney’s Catholic Webpages

Denomination Index -- Catholic

My Catholic Start Page --

New Advent

Rites of the Catholic Church

A very useful cheat sheet

The Best Catholic Links

The Catholic Liturgical Library

The Unofficial Home Page of the One, Holy, Catholic Church

The place to start if you are puzzling over how there can be more than one flavor of “Catholic”


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