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See note about this page regarding which churches are listed here and which are not.

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Celtic stream

Charismatic stream

Durate-Costa stream

South Indian stream

Vilatte stream

Unclassified or mixed-stream apostolic churches



Apostolic-succession independent churches

   Celtic stream

        Anamchara Celtic Church

        Celtic Christian Church

        Celtic Orthodox Christian Church

        Church of the Culdees

        Holy Celtic Church

        Independent Celtic Church International

   Charismatic stream

        Charismatic Orthodox Church

        Christ Charismatic Liturgical Church

   Durate-Costa stream

        Apostolic Catholic Church in America

        Catholic Apostolic Church in North America

        Christ Catholic Orthodox Church

        Community Church of Joy

        Hispanic-Brasilian Confraternity of Christian Doctrine, Saint Pius X [No online site]

        Igreja Católica Apostólica Brasileira

        Igreja Catolica Apostolica Nacional in the USA

        Western Orthodox Church in America

Durate-Costa churches generally

Apostolic Succession - Carlos Duarte Costa

   Ngo Dinh Thuc-stream

        Holy Palmarian Church [See Independent Catholic section of Catholics page]

        Latin-Rite Catholic Church

        Union Católico Trento (Tridentine Catholic Union)

   South Indian stream

        Eastern Catholic Archdiocese (Chaldean-Syrian), Metropolia of the Americas

        Mar Thoma Church Outside India

        Mar Thoma Syrian Church of India

   Vilatte stream

        African Orthodox Church [No online site]

        African Orthodox Church of the West [No online site]

        American Church of the East and the Federation of St. Thomas Christians

        Antiochian Catholic Church in America

        Catholic Church of the Holy Grail

        Christian Catholic Rite of Community Churches

        Free Catholic Church

        Independent Old Catholic Church

        St. Anne’s African Orthodox Church [No online site]

        Vétero-Catholic Church in Brazil ((Igreja dos Vétero Católicos no Brasil)

   Unclassified or mixed-stream apostolic churches

        Autocephalous Naker Rite Catholic and Apostolic Church

        Catholic Apostolic Church of Antioch - Malabar Rite

        Church of Bangladesh [No official site]

        Church of North India

        Church of South India

        English Nordic Orthodox Church of North America

        Free Church of Antioch

        Friends Catholic Communion

        Friends Catholic Episcopate of the Resurrection

        Fullness of Life Community Church

        Hawaiian Reformed Catholic Church

        Hearth of Joseph of Arimathea

        Holy Christian Orthodox Church

        Holy Christian Orthodox Church, Traditional Western Rite Archdiocese of America

     Holy Restoration Christian Church (aka Restoration Christian Church, Evangelical Missionary Christian Church)

     Home Temple Priesthood

     Inclusive Orthodox Church

     Moorish Orthodox Church in America

     Orthodox Christian Fellowship of Mercy

     Orthodox Church of the East [No online site]

     Philippine Independent Church (Aglipayan Church -- Iglesia Filipina Independiente)

PIC generally

Philippine Independent Church on 2002

Entry from


An Introduction to the Iglesia Filipina Independiente (Philippine Independent Church) by Rev Fr Apolonio Ranche


The Holy Cross and Our Lady of Peace Parish, CA

     Syrian Orthodox Eparchy of Nebraska Church


Independent apostolic-succession churches generally

Episcopi vagantes

From Anglican Online, Church Times, March 17, 2000 The World of Autocephalous Churches

Fr. Tony Begonja’s indispensable guide to autocephalous ("Independent-Movement") churches

Groupings of denominations

Union of Traditional Apostolic Churches


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Note: The intent is to list on this page churches that maintain the historic apostolic succession for their bishops but which should be considered as largely “independent” from the Catholic, Orthodox, or Anglican traditions (or deriving from a blend of those traditions).

Many of the churches listed on this page consider themselves to be “Catholic” or “Orthodox.” (Most would object to classification as “Protestant”, and so these entries are now on a separate page rather than a section in the Protestant page.) But many of the churches here are a mixture of many traditions. For example, the English Nordic Orthodox Church of North America considers itself  “Orthodox”, but uses the King James Version of the Bible and the 1928 Episcopal Book of Common Prayer. On High Holy Days, the Sarum Missal published by the Orthodox St. Hilarion Press of Austin, Texas, is used. Hymns by C.S. Lewis are sung, and the Rite of St John Chrysostom is sometimes used. Clearly, this is a church with a unique blend of traditions. Other churches can be difficult to classify because of the multiple lines of apostolic succession. The Antiochian Catholic Church in America (ACCA), for example, has apostolic succession in Old Catholic, (Matthew), Syro-Indian Orthodox (Vilatte), and Byzantine Rite Roman Catholic (Aneed) lines. Is the ACCA a Catholic- or a St. Thomas Christian-tradition independent church? Such mixed churches are generally entered in this section unless they strongly self-describe as being of one tradition or another. My method generally accords with the classification schemes used by the Total Catholic Home Page and by Fr. Tony Begonja’s, Your Complete Guide to the World of Autocephalous (“Independent-Movement”) Churches in the Apostolic Succession page.

Independent apostolic-succession churches in a more purely Eastern Orthodox tradition can be found on the Eastern Orthodox page, and for the Catholic tradition on the Catholic page. Independent Anglican tradition churches can be found under the Anglican heading on the Protestant page. Check around if you don’t see an entry here that you feel should be. Taxonomy is an art, not a science.